Parenting tips for Teenage

Both your child and you emerge from the toddler years unscathed; you get them into, and then through, primary school and gradually the teenage years arrive!

The issue is one of surviving and managing the behavioral, emotional and physical changes that rock a teenager’s world. It may make them extremely hard to live with for a while.

Many parents admit to dreading the teenage years, and many more have their fears justified.

The changing world

It is important to remember that teenagers often find their lives very difficult as they undergo through massive changes emotionally, hormonal and physically. Their bodies and brains are preparing for adulthood, and they are struggling to work out who they are, and what they want to do with their lives.

It is perhaps not surprising that teenagers may be a bit hard to live with from time to time.

Understanding and Communicating with Teenagers

To help you understand more about what’s going on in your teenager’s head and body, you may want to have a look at our page on Understanding Adolescence.

Keep Talking

It’s essential to keep communication channels with your teenager open whether that is through a regular lift to an activity, or family mealtimes.

Teenagers are much more likely to talk to you if they provide regular, at least weekly, opportunities for them to do so.

Challenges and Concerns

There are many challenges and concerns during the teenage years. Most, if not all, are related to teenagers’ growing need for independence.

While Increasing Independence is an ongoing issue throughout childhood, it is perhaps during the teenage years that it becomes most apparent.

Teenagers often start wanting to go to Teenage Parties and Sleepovers, and it is a challenge to negotiate rules that will satisfy both parents and teenagers.


Another significant aspect of the teenage years is exams. Teenagers take some examinations to assess their progress, or to enable them to move to the next stage of education.

These issues, however, are ‘everyday life’ with a teenager, or ‘business as usual’.

But what if you have more pressing concerns, please feel free to connect with us, we have mentored over 1000’s of students, we are happy to assist you.

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