Workshops & Takeaways

Some workshops are designed differently for different age groups.

It is an indicative list; to meet the specific needs of your school.

Duration of the workshop is typically 90 minutes. However, it can be customized school’s needs.

A broad overview of the numerous career options available to students of every stre

Workshops on cyber-security

High school students, Parents and Teachers

stress to stay safe online

Guidelines/steps before using the internet.

Tips to stay safe on social networking sites

Smartphone Security

Awareness to Social Engineering, Tab napping and Clickjacking

Other parenting workshop

Raising a happy, high self-esteem Child

Four approaches towards raising a child’s self-esteem and Raising a THINKER: Knowledge is passé.

In essence, today’s world demands people who possess higher-order thinking skills like Analytical, Creative, Problem solving, decision making etc. 

Teacher (Self) Development Workshops

Discovering one’s potential as a teacher

Developing effective Facilitating Skills

Developing and Adding MY creativity to my teaching

Developing communication skills that make teachers more effective

Mindfulness and Preparing for exams

Applying mindfulness in academics

managing distractions

Time management

Life skills training for adolescents

Interactive workshops with role plays and group discussion

Awareness of Life skills and its importance

Small exercises to practice

Toxic Relationships: covers bullying, Relationships and attraction too.

What is a toxic relationship?

How to identify that you are in a toxic relationship?

What to do when in such a relationship?

Learning is Fun

90 minutes workshop for class I to V standard students with live transformation during the session.

Bonding for greatness

Workshop for teachers with guaranteed takeaways for dissolving day to day issues, full of fun & learning.

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