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Conccept has emerged as a joint effort of like-minded individuals deeply involved in helping the youth to chart their future and deal with issues of concern to them.

We are leveraging a mix of experienced resources. We provide a range of services to K-12 schools and college students, as well as professionals desirous of change, enabling them to explore career opportunities and decide on future study, hand holding for career options and navigating them to the desired destination based on psychometric assessments.

Based in Delhi- NCR & Visakhapatnam, we are equipped to provide our services aligned to the personal mentoring to suit the individual needs. We conduct Workshops and Individual Mentoring – Personal, Telephonic & Online.

Since 2017, we have guided over 30000 students and parents making educational decisions. 

We take pride that we offer personalized guidance at the critical stages of education on career choices; each client is an integral part of our success.

We promote the holistic development of teachers, students, Parents & Corporates by providing on-going prevention and intervention services.

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